MEET DR. Adam Geach D.M.D., M.D.Sc.

Dr. Adam Geach is a dental specialist in prosthodontics. Prosthodontists undergo 3 years of formal residency training beyond dental school, specializing in dental esthetics, implants and reconstructive dentistry.

Our cases range from simple fillings, bondings, or veneers (cosmetic procedures) to complex, full-mouth reconstructions requiring replacement or restoration of all teeth.

Our focus is one-on-one patient care, dedicated to understanding your concerns and then designing treatment options specific to your needs.

  1. Professional Time and Patience
    We spend as much time as needed to listen, answer questions, consult, inform and treat you, our patient.
  2. Private Doctor Patient Setting
    Care is provided without jumping from patient to patient.
  3. Clear and Comprehensive Information
    Options for treatment are clearly described and demonstrated with digital photography, X-rays and models so that you fully understand the reasons for treatment, the progression and the expected outcome. As a result, patients are not over-treated or sold products and procedures that are not necessary. Second opinions are always complementary.
  4. In-House Laboratory for Highest Quality Dental Products
    Dental restorations are planned and carefully designed in our in-office laboratory. This allows for individulal customization and precision. Only the highest quality materials are used to minimize complications and adverse reactions.
  5. Highest Qualification
    Qualification and expertise are the key for achieving the best possible result for you. Dr. Geach completed advanced specialty training and Board Certification in Prosthodontics.

    • Diplomate, American Board of Prosthodontics, 2010
    • University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine, Certificate in Prosthodontics, Masters of Dental Science, M.D.Sc., 2009
    • Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Doctor of Dental Medicine, D.M.D., 2006

A comfortable fit is the result of your dentists’s qualification and experience.