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Periodontal Therapy Protects Los Angeles Gums

Closeup of healthy teethand gums

When it comes to your oral health, it doesn’t begin and end with the condition of your teeth. The health of your gums directly affects not only your mouth, but your overall health as well. Gum disease (also known as periodontal disease) is currently the leading cause of adult tooth loss here in the U.S., and even more alarming, it has also been shown to drastically increase a person’s risk of developing other serious illnesses, including diabetes, stroke, heart attack, and even dementia.

To help patients dealing with mild to moderate gum disease, we can use what is called a deep cleaning, consisting of two techniques known as scaling and root planing. For scaling, we’ll use an ultrasonic cleaner to remove any plaque, tartar, and bacteria built up along the gum line, and then we’ll use root planing to gently smooth out the rough surfaces of the teeth’s roots. This will make plaque much less likely to gather on them, which will reduce a patient’s chances of developing serious gum disease in the future.

Are red, tender, or bleeding gums something you deal with every day? If so, then you may already be experiencing periodontal disease. We can help protect your oral health and more with periodontal therapy here at Geach Dental, so contact us today for an appointment.